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About us

Soko Wear will set out to collaborate lifestyles…

In a city as dynamic as New York, you can walk 40 blocks and feel as if you are entering into a completely different lifestyle with every neighborhood that you reach. Heading down a busy street with people passing you, jumping into cabs, hopping on bikes, it is hard to believe that any two people have the same day-to-day experience. There are many different lifestyles just across this city, yet somehow in the midst of everything else cultures blend together. This is how Soko Wear came to be.   Soko Wear is designed with the individual in mind, fusing together interesting details such as snaps and zippers, adding character to each look but with the ability to choose, and manipulate and change. In a city as populated as New York it is easy to blend, despite the fact that no two people are from the exact same walk of life. Soko Wear gives the wearer the option to personalize their garment and in the end it is no longer just an ordinary sweater on their back but an extension of their own personality.

Soko Wear is a contemporary brand intended to keep up with the lifestyle of the wearer.   Sweaters are comprised of fine cottons and polyester, full of snap closures and zipper details yielding a slightly different silhouette on each person. Woven shirts follow suit with a close to the body fit complete with both subtle and intricate details adding just the right amount of personality and flair.   Hoodies and tee shirts take on a much lighter tone with casual fits and original graphics.

Soko Wear ideology is free spirited thinking without conforming into mainstream society, but as ironic as a trust fund kid living in the ghetto, they all end up conforming.

Soko Wear is a subculture all of it’s own.